How to Read the Bible from Heaven’s Perspective

Have you ever thought about how when we read the Bible we read our perspective into it? I don’t just mean our theology or experience. I mean our human perspective. Our Earth perspective.

With this, have you ever considered that God is neither human nor from the earth? That as the heavens are higher than the earth... so are his thoughts higher than mine?

Have you ever considered the possibility that God did not write the Bible from a human or Earth viewpoint, but from Heaven’s? From His?

Have you ever considered the thought that maybe—just maybe—words and ideas and concepts hold other meaning in Heaven than they do on Earth? And how if God is speaking from his God-ness, so to speak, then the words, concepts, and ideas we’re reading into the scriptures are not God’s? Or at least how he means them?

Have you ever considered how detrimental a reading of the holy Scriptures from Earth’s perspective could be to God’s heavenly vantage of them? 

Well, regardless of whether you’ve gone down this exact rabbit trail before, I want to invite you to enter into it. To take my new 41 minute mini-course, “How to Read the Bible from Heaven’s Perspective.” In this free course, you’ll learn

✅The importance of reading the Bible from Heaven’s perspective
✅The basic tenets of how to do so

You’ll learn
✅The importance of etymology (the study of word origin)
✅The importance of understanding what it means to be human

Ultimately you’ll learn
✅ One of the most important principles of Bible interpretation there is!

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